Groton is a town in northwestern Middlesex Area, Massachusetts, USA, within the Greater Boston city. The population was 10,873 at the 2012 area demographics. It is house to two prep schools: Groton Organization, established in 1884, and also Lawrence Academy at Groton, established in 1792 and also the third-oldest independent school in Massachusetts. Lawrence Academy was founded with a charter from John Hancock.

The community was a battlefield in King Philip’s Battle and additionally Queen Anne’s Battle, with children captured in a raid by Abenaki as well as likewise French; it had cases of insurrection throughout Shays’ Disobedience, and also was the native home of William Prescott, that managed the colonial pressures at the Battle of Shelter Hill throughout the American Makeover.

The area surrounding modern Groton MA has, for countless years, been the area of different cultures of aboriginal peoples. They resolved along the rivers, which they utilized for domestic jobs, fishing as well as transport. Historical people were the Algonquian-speaking Nipmuc and likewise Nashaway Indians.

The Anglo-American Groton started with the trading post of John Tinker, that performed organisation there with the Nashaway at the assemblage of Nod Creek and also the Nashua River. The Nashaway called the place Petapawag, showing “boggy land.” As Tinker had, various other leaders followed the Algonquian tracks from Massachusetts Bay. They found the area efficient for fishing and farming.

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The community was formally exercised and also integrated in 1655, named for Groton in Suffolk, England. Called The Winery of Groton, Mass., it consisted of each of present-day Groton as well as Ayer, mostly all of Pepperell as well as likewise Shirley, huge parts of Dunstable, Littleton, as well as additionally Tyngsborough, plus smaller sized parts of Harvard and likewise Westford in Massachusetts, as well as Nashua as well as additionally Hollis, New Hampshire.

During King Philip’s Battle, on March 13, 1676, Indigenous Americans thawed all buildings besides 4 Groton garrisons. Amongst those eliminated was John Nutting, a Selectman at Groton. Survivors left to Concord as well as various other safe havens, yet 2 years later went back to rebuild. Aboriginal Americans struck the neighborhood once again throughout the Raid on Groton in 1694 (throughout King William’s War).

In 1704 throughout Queen Anne’s Battle, a French-Abenaki raid recorded three children of Thomas Tarbell and likewise his significant other, among others, taking them overland about 300 miles to the Mohawk village of Kahnewake south of Montreal, where they would certainly be held for ransom or tackled right into individuals by private Mohawk member of the family. The sell captives was a growing service in between the opposing swarms of the English in addition to French. Both Tarbell boys, John and also Zachariah, were accepted by Mohawk relative and became totally absorbed, later on weding into the people, having member of the family, and happening principals. They were amongst the proprietors in the 1740s of Akwesasne, after moving up the St. Lawrence River from Kahnewake. The brothers’ older brother or sister Sarah Tarbell was ransomed by a French member of the family, and also transformed to Catholicism. She joined a Catholic teaching/nursing religious order in Montreal as well as served with them for the rest of her life. There are Tarbell-named children amongst Mohawk of Kahnewake and also Akwesasne in the 21st century.

In 1775, the usual before the First Church was an assembly area for Minutemen that fought in the Battle of Lexington and Concord.